Brand Consulting & Creative Direction

We create, develop and execute strategies from end to end creating meaningful client experiences. Our experience in the design, entertainment, music, fashion and footwear industry allow us to create innovative products and retail formats and content. Working with retailers allow us to build tailored products assortments and develop merchandising and marketing strategies.

Diving into markets and talk to consumers, specialist, anybody that matters to find out important insights. Sometimes just "delivering" the research/sometimes actively coming up with a strategy based on the research.

Through research we translate product attributes, technologies and aspirations into content assets that will live in any type of environment whether digital or analog.

We offer insights to make unique placements and activations an collaborations possible. Through a network of experienced and well-connected partners and collaborators we can operate and activate projects wherever it is needed.

- Creative Consulting.
- Trend Forecasting.
- Market Research.
- Product Consulting.
- Brand Development.
- Product Development.
- Brand Activations.
- Brand Collaborations.
- Targeted Focus and Concrete Actions.
- Retail Development.
- Press Releases / e-mails & PR.
- Media Management.
- Influencers Management: seeding, collabs, brand embassy.